The Reality of Models

Checking the weather? Looking at a map of the world to plan your next vacation? Guess what—you’re using a model. While models can be useful for gaining insights that can help us make good decisions, they are simplifications of reality. One example of a model is a... read more

Looking Back: 2016 in Review

2016 Market Review In 2016, the US market reached new highs and stocks in a majority of developed and emerging market countries delivered positive returns. The year began with anxiety over China’s stock market and economy, falling oil prices, a potential US recession,... read more

New Market Highs and Positive Expected Returns

There has been much discussion in the news recently about new nominal highs in stock indices like the Dow Jones Industrial Average and the S&P 500. When markets hit new highs, is that an indication that it’s time for investors to cash out? History tells us that a... read more

Thanksgiving 2016 by the Numbers

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at Drive Wealth Management. With Thanksgiving right around the corner, we hope that you enjoy these fun facts about Thanksgiving

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Presidential Elections and the Stock Market

By: Dimensional Fund Advisors Next month, Americans will head to the polls to elect the next president of the United States. While the outcome is unknown, one thing is for certain: There will be a steady stream of opinions from pundits and prognosticators about how... read more

Speed of Access

From checking the weather to sending photos, the Internet is an extension of our lives. This video shows how we can help you track and manage your finances... read more

History on the Run

By: Jim Parker, Dimensional Fund Advisors When news breaks and markets move, content-starved media often invite talking heads to muse on the repercussions. Knowing the difference between this speculative opinion and actual facts can help investors stay disciplined... read more